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Elevate your dating game
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Breakfast Date

How Flirdl Works

Helping you be genuine, relevant, and confident on dating sites

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Create your profile

Conversation openers that showcase your personality, leading to more meaningful interactions

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Receive personalized openers

Receive AI-generated conversation starters tailored for you

Start chatting

Use the openers on your preferred dating platform and refresh for more.

How does Flirdl help you?

Flirdl helps people create genuine, personalized, engaging messages
to achieve the best possible first impression for online dating platforms

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Meaningful personalized messages

Conversation openers that showcase your personality, leading to more meaningful interactions

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Increased engagement

Tailored messages designed to capture attention

Save time

Spend less time thinking about how to break the ice, and more time being yourself

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Better first impression

Show that you have taken time to read someone’s profile

Flirdl dating openers
  • "As someone who enjoys reading, do you have a book that changed your perspective or left a profound impact? I love how books can transport us to different worlds and I'm curious to know about your journey."
  • "Working out always puts me in a good mood, especially when I've hit a personal record. Do you have any workouts that you absolutely love and why?"
  • "I've recently tried a new recipe and it turned out great! If you're interested in culinary adventures, maybe we could share a virtual cooking session? It could be fun to explore new flavors together."
  • "I was reading about this new bookstore that opened up in Seattle. If you're a book lover like me, this might be an interesting place to check out."
Dating openers guys actually send:
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Compatible with most dating platforms, including...

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Flirdl on other browsers?  

   Currently, Flirdl is exclusive to Chrome. However, we're exploring opportunities to expand to other browsers in the future.

2. How do I install Flirdl?  

   Simply head to the Chrome Web Store, search for "Flirdl", and click the "Add to Chrome" button.

3. How does Flirdl work?  

   Once installed, input your details, preferences, and desired message style. Flirdl then crafts messages tailored for your dating conversations.

4. Is Flirdl safe to use?  

   Absolutely! Flirdl prioritizes your privacy. We don't store personal information or share it with third parties.

5. Can I customize the messages generated by Flirdl?  

   Yes! Flirdl provides a base message, but you're free to edit and make it more personal before sending.

6. Does Flirdl support different relationship types and goals?  

   Yes, Flirdl takes into account various relationship goals, ensuring the generated messages align with your intentions.

7. How does Flirdl determine the best message for me?  

   Flirdl uses the profile, preferences, and message style you provide to generate messages tailored for your unique dating approach.

8. Are there any costs associated with using Flirdl?  

  For now, Flirdl is free to use. In the future, we will offer a version with nominal fee.

9. I'm facing issues with Flirdl. How can I get help?  

   Please reach out to our support team at [support email]. We're here to assist you!


We may not be able to respond to all messages individually, due to large volume.


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